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What We Do?

Travel Krafterz, imbibes a vision to explore unaided parameters in the Indian Travel Industry. The company continually inspires, strengthens and leads in the travel industry while expanding the sphere of influence to homes all across India.

Travel Krafterz upholds excellence and integrity through anticipating travel needs and finding the best solutions for you. When you call a Travel Krafterz Genius your travel requirements will be handled, start to finish, with the same person. The relationship that forms between you and your Travel Genius will allow you to receive fast, accurate recommendations and services.



Our vacation ideas are different. We offer a selection of readymade packages to suit a variety of needs – whether you’re looking for a quick getaway over a weekend or a more elaborate holiday overseas. We’re quick to customise one of our existing packages or create one just for you.

Air Travel

Give us a call. We can very quickly research flight options from all the options out there - low cost or full service airlines and respond with the best available fares that meet your needs.


We offer a robust collection of hotels in India and across the world sourced from some of the best suppliers. We’ll take care of all your needs and offer extensive hotel information so you know exactly what you’re getting. From budget hotels to five stars, we’ve got you covered.


Visas can be complex. That’s why we offer document-tracking services to make sure we track your passport and visa expiry and renewal dates. With extensive visa information at our fingertips, we’ll be able to advise you of changes in visa requirements as they happen.

Travel Insurance

Travel safe. Get yourself and your family insured before embarking on that perfect getaway. We offer a variety of travel insurance plans to suit your need and budget.

Cruise Trip

cruises are designed for the enjoyment of its passengers and often include nightly entertainment and an assortment of onboard activities.

Why Choose Us


01. 24/7 Customer Support

customers can get help and find answers to questions as soon as they come up—24/7 and in real-time


02. Incentive Tours

To make the most of the team bonding and vacation elements of the experience, incentive trips should include group excursion activities, and relaxing meals


03. Trained Staff

Training process moulds the thinking of employees and leads to quality performance of employees.


04. Experienced Trainers & Team bonding event management Team

Team bonding is an ongoing process through which teams become closer and build trust and ease of communication


05.Conferencing Facilities

The modern conference facilities include a large conference hall seating 80 people. Conference facilities are available for large business meetings of up to 400 people. Projector and Audio Equipment. …


06. Every Tour Private and Customizable

Private tours are more flexible when it comes to your group size, travel dates and what your trip includes.

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Travel Krafterz

The use of beautiful photos of mountains, beaches, and attractions like roller coasters has become ubiquitous – on both travel-related sites and consumers’ websites and social channels. Little distinguishes one destination from another. Travel industry marketers are good at telling people that we’re different, but not as good at demonstrating it, he says.

Explore Travel Krafterz like Never Before


Travel Krafterz

We are one of leading a complete travels solution company in India. We provide an authentic travel experience, revealing the true pulse of India.

The company has organized some of seminars, conference, annual picnics, Adventures tours, Pilgrimage tours, Family & Group tours, Educational tours & Yatra trips.

Experienced Trainers & Team Bonding Event Management Team

Let’s make your tour a unique one, in a lap of east Himalaya or in north east India. We will arrange Event Management. Adventure Tour, Student excursion, Corporate/Group Tour & Honeymoon Tour should be unforgettable. Travel Krafterz  also provides customized tours, in short what type of tour you guys want. Just let us inform and we are able to fulfill those ideas. Customer satisfaction is our main Motto.

Best Places to Visit in the World

Visitors to Doha are spoilt for choice, with a plethora of options to explore the vibrant city’s cultural sites, world-class restaurants, beachfront luxury hotels or the majesty of the desert.

Enjoy a 72-hour beach holiday

Travel Krafterz boasts hundreds of miles of stunning coastline, made all the more enjoyable by a wonderful climate. If you like beaches here are a few suggestions that you will love.